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  • Would you like a proven strategy for devloping a comprehensive product catalog?
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  • Would you like to see EXACTLY how real product research is done?

Upgrade To Idea Profit Storm Gold Level

As an Idea Profit Storm Gold Member, you get access to an additional series of videos to take your product development to the next level


Here's what's included in the Gold Level:

Product Pipeline Unleashed

  • The exact steps to create your perfect product roadmap that gives you the simple paint by numbers outline to creating your product
  • The critical questions to ask your market to ensure every product is one that your market will absolutely love
  • The simple way to develop an endless stream of product ideas that your customers want to buy from you. Creating this product pipeline is the most profitable step you can take for your business!
  • The secret to leveraging your product development efforts into higher priced product offerings that help build your ultimate sales funnel.

Idea Research Case Study

  • Watch over my shoulder as I walk through the entire Idea Profit Storm research process in a comprehensive 7 video series that demonstrates how to go from no product idea to a comprehensive product outline
  • Watch the full screen recording of me do the actual research (with my comments) on the web and compile my product creation notes
  • Get my candid comments on the good and the bad things I find in the research as I demonstrate using the Idea Profit Storm research method. You'll see the full process demonstrated via live un-edited online research
  • Watch as I compile all of my product research into a comprehensive product outline right in front of you!
  • You will also get the full product research mind map that I developed to help guide you through the Idea Research process

No Questions Asked Guarantee

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This is as close to "done for you" as it gets

Look, this is a step-by-step easy to follow course that is the real deal. The only thing left to do is follow the course and do the work.

If you are like me, you need examples to follow. With the included case study you can watch me as I go through the entire product research process and develop a winning product idea.

This really is as close as it gets to me doing the work...

Idea Profit Storm cuts through all the confusion!


It’s always easier to understand a process if you can watch it being done, so Idea Profit storm doesn’t stop at giving you a detailed set of instructions. It also takes you through a case study showing the research and analysis involved in designing a product with a view to success.

Idea Profit Storm is the most comprehensive guide to the all-important conceptual aspects of product creation that I’ve seen. It deals with the parts of the design process that tend to be glossed over by the majority of product creation guides.

James Woodfield James Woodfield

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  • I get access to the Product Pipeline Unleashed module to guide me in creating the perfect product funnel
  • I also get access to a over-the-shoulder case study that demonstrates the Idea Profit Storm methods
Idea Profit Storm Gold Special
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