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From: The Desk of John Koen

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Hello, my name is John Koen.

I’m a lot like you, just a regular guy trying to figure out my way through creating a online business. I treated my online business efforts like a hobby for a long time, never really getting serious about building a real business.

I mostly did Affiliate Marketing in the early days like a lot of people, but I wanted to stop selling other peoples products and have other people start selling MY products. Once I decided to get serious I turned to creating my own products and entered the world of product creation.

In my struggle, I've had many failed product ideas. I bought lots of products that promised to teach me the 'right' way of product creation. My hard drive is full of them. I tried many of them, and some I never got around to even reading. I even tried to copy other people that were making money thinking I could stumble my way to some success just by copying what they did.

The only proof that what I was doing wasn't working was my Clickbank account with a zero balance. The one thing with a balance on it was my credit card that I abused in my desperate search for a plan that would lead me to making some money online.


I Tried Creating Products I Thought People Needed

I had lots of good ideas of products that I wanted to create, but I had no idea if they would make me any money. They were great product ideas in my mind, so I figured they would be a hit with the market. After my second failed attempt to make something that I could sell, I still wasn't making enough money to break even. My first product made absolutely 0 sales.

I’ve gotta tell you, it’s a crushing feeling when you see no sales for weeks. Not to mention the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I finally gave up on the product and just deleted it. I had no sales and I destroyed all the work I put into the product with a single press of the delete key on my keyboard.

I talked myself into giving up several times. I had some pretty good reasons to throw in the towel.

  • I spent months trying to chase down traffic to buy my products
  • I tried so many different niches that my head was spinning trying to figure out a formula that worked. I just wanted to get people to buy my products!
  • I used to look for any secrets or insider info I could buy to find the missing piece of the puzzle that was keeping me broke.
  • I was selling stuff I thought people wanted to buy

I Made It All About Me!

You know that feeling you get when you're looking for a problem and you realize it's staring right at you but you couldn't see it? I found my problem, it was staring at me like a huge pimple on my face.

I realized I was trying to sell stuff that I wanted people to buy. I didn't pay any attention to what the market wanted.

I had no idea what my audience wanted to buy!

I felt like a huge jerk! Like one of those pushy door-to-door salesmen trying to sell you things you have no interest in. You know, the ones that seem to knock on your door right as you are sitting down to have dinner.

It hit me like a ton of bricks...

I Figured Out What My Audience Wanted To Buy, And I Created It For Them!

Imagine instead...

  • Customers chasing you down to buy your products instead of you chasing after them
  • Getting emails from your customers thanking you when they buy your product because it's exactly what they needed
  • Knowing exactly what your customers want to buy before you even start developing your product

Introducing Idea Profit Storm

Idea Profit Storm is a step-by-step program to researching and developing a product that your market desperately wants. It walks you through the exact idea generation and research steps to find a product idea that your customers will love. The entire program is contained in a comprehensive membership site with PDF's, Mind Maps, Worksheets, and a complete video training series.

Module 1

  • How to get out of your own way with the doubts and fears that come with product development so you can create products in less time
  • How to identify those limiting beliefs that sabotage great product ideas to keep you on finishing your product
  • How to find a endless source of great product ideas even when you think you have no skills or experience to create a product that keeps you busy creating products your market loves
  • The exact steps to figure out of those ideas running around in your head are actually profitable so you don't waste time on ideas that don't make you money

Module 2

  • The first steps to take when you have no ideas, this will get you started on your first product immediately
  • How to find an idea for your product that your customers subconsciously must have
  • The 4 simple questions to determine if you are working in a profitable market so you can avoid selling a product to a market full of freebee seekers
  • How to use your passion and the passion of your market to create an irresistible product idea that will make you more excited to create than you ever imagined

Module 3

  • The best places for researching product ideas your market will love. Stop guessing where to do research!
  • The simple questions you can ask your market to get them to tell you the exact product they want to buy from you. These questions will shortcut your research time and give you the exact products you should be creating
  • How to leverage the successes of other products in your market to create your own best selling product. This simple trick will change the way you look at your competition!

Module 4

  • The exact places to listen in on your market where they describe the perfect product they want to buy but haven't found yet. Hint: They can buy it from you!
  • The simple piece of data you overlook every day that contain the most valuable clues to the inner desires of your market and their buying hot buttons
  • How to use a popular marketing trick to your advantage and learn the biggest problems your market struggles with every day and will gladly pay you to solve for them

This is not about keyword research

A lot of the information available online for coming up with product ideas involves keyword research. That's great if you are trying to build a website that will rank in the search engines (SEO), but it has nothing to do with a best selling product idea.

Search engines don't buy products, people do!

Let me be straight with you...

  • You could follow those keyword research products or use dumb luck
  • You could be like most Internet Marketers and think you know how to find a great product idea.. but why are there so many failed products on Clickbank?
  • You could turn to Forums or Facebook and ask people that are clueless for product ideas

I've finally put together a complete research training package to help you develop a winning product idea. I've left nothing out of this product. No more guessing or chasing what other people are trying to do.


These Are My Most Closely Guarded Secrets On Product Research!!

It's important to remember, I've spent a lot money and countless  sleepless nights perfecting this formula. You could try to figure this all out for yourself and it will probably take you months, if not years! Or you could invest in Idea Profit Storm right now and take a huge shortcut to online success.

When you consider that Idea Profit Storm is a complete step-by-step home study course it's easy to see why it could go for $197 or more.

I could even package this up as a physical product... put it all into a big box and slap a $997 price tag on it. But that's not who I am. I want to give you tons more value than the price that I charge for this information.

Look, I'm not sure how long I'm going to do this, but I've got a crazy idea. I really want to make this affordable for everyone.

So, if you take action RIGHT NOW, you won't be paying $297 for all this amazing content. Heck, you won't even be paying $197

I'm actually going to charge much less than what my colleagues have told me to charge.

I'm even going to charge much less than those other bloated courses out there that try to cover this material.

And less than if you hired me to teach you this material one-on-one... That is if I'm even available.

And WAY less than if you tried to learn this via trial and error... Heck, doing it that way would lead you to lose money AND get zero results!

In fact, if you ACT NOW you can get this entire course for a one time investment of just $9.95!

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If you decide to wait, you will most likely be paying more.

Are you the type of person that takes massive action?

As part of this offer today, you won't pay $297, or even $197.

If you act today you will get the entire course for only $9.95!


No Questions Asked Guarantee

I’m so sure that you will love Idea Profit Storm that I’m giving you an entire 60 days to check it out. That’s more than enough time to decide if you want to keep it or not.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course,  just let me know and I’ll refund every penny with no questions asked.


This price won't last long

Look, this is a step-by-step easy to follow course that is the real deal. So is the price, but not for long!

There is no other course that you can buy that will give you this level of training to help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles you are facing online. This course is chocked full of my own personal experiences and trail and error lessons learned. This is not some theory training or re-hashed information that you can find online.

  • Yes John! I’m ready to start learning how to develop a best selling product idea that my customers will love!
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Idea Profit Storm Special

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To Your Success,

John Koen

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